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Floricultura specialises in breeding, selection and propagation of orchids.

Floricultura specialises in breeding, selection and propagation of orchids. Annual sales of many dozens of millions of young orchid plants all over the world have made our company the global market leader in orchid propagation material.

As suppliers of propagation material, we stand out not only for the volume of our output but also for our wide range of fourteen different orchid genera. Floricultura is a family company with a characteristic flat organisational structure and informal contacts. Besides a good working atmosphere, our approachable company culture promotes contacts between and a good exchange of knowledge and expertise among employees.

The driving force behind our success as a production company is the prominent role we assign to research. We carry out research internally, and wherever possible we use our research results and new technologies to further improve the quality of our orchids and our production methods. Another mainstay of our policy is the promotion of durable relations with our customers. The basis for that  durable cooperation is laid by supplying orchids of top quality. Also of prime importance to us, besides the quality of our products, are transparency and the exchange of knowhow. We therefore offer growers the opportunity to visit our greenhouses to see how their plants are developing. And after delivering our products we provide sound cultivation support at our customers’ premises.

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