Floricultura introduces the Phalaenopsis Elastica series

Floricultura has launched the Phalaenopsis Elastica series at the IPM trade fair in Essen. It is a series of unique varieties; plants that are extremely suitable for creative applications such as cascades, arch shapes, mirror compositions and other elastic applications.

‘The Elastica series responds to an increasing demand among our customers for more pliant and easily bendable Phalaenopsis stems. Plants that add more value for the customer’, explains Ronald van Geest, CEO of Floricultura. ‘We will continue to select varieties in varying colours for this series. Not all plants are automatically suitable for this. In addition to the conventional quality standards, they also need to meet the criteria we impose on length, flower size, inflorescence and flexibility.’

The launch of Phalaenopsis Elastica also saw the expansion of the series with the Road Trip variety. This is a classic cascade type with very supple stems and a flower size of 11 cm.

The name Elastica
Elastica stands for the flexibility, freedom and pliability of this series of Phalaenopsis varieties. It was developed to promote creativity. The names of all future varieties to fall under the Elastica series will bear a reference to this freedom and flexibility. Some time ago, Floricultura also introduced the Lingua series, which is composed of highly distinctive Big Lip Phalaenopsis plants.

Download the Elastica series leaflet.