Floricultura shows its responsibility towards people and planet

Sustainability and Social Responsibility comes naturally to us. We continuously realise improvements that make our production process more sustainable. The Environmental Service of IJmond was impressed by our approach and nominated us for a Sustainability Award. We also participate in the Milieu Plan Sierteelt (MPS: Environmental Plan for Ornamental Plant Production), in which we have been granted an A-qualification

Deep geothermal system

With our deep geothermal system at the Cieweg location in Heemskerk, the Netherlands we help to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels. Heating our greenhouses with geothermal energy obtained from a depth of 3,000 metres implies an annual saving of around five million cubic metres of gas, cutting back local emissions of CO2 by 9,000 tonnes a year. In the Netherlands, deep geothermal drilling is a new, promising technique for the transition to more sustainable energy supply. As a pioneer in the development of this technique for sustainable heating in the Netherlands we promote knowledge sharing in this field via our participation in the Dutch Association of Geothermal Operators (DAGO) and the Platform Geothermie.

Regional public broadcaster NH covered a news item in April 2018 about our deep geothermal system (broadcast is in Dutch).

Closed greenhouse with thermal energy storage

Sustainability is also the guiding principle behind our greenhouse complex at the Strengweg location in Heemskerk, the Netherlands. The crops we grow there need to be both heated and cooled. We grow them in what is referred to as a ‘greenhouse without gas’ or a ‘closed greenhouse’ – a greenhouse with an underground thermal energy storage system. 

Focus on our employees

To us, Social Responsibility means contributing to the environment in a positive way and ensuring good working conditions for our employees.


What we expect from suppliers

Floricultura aims to work with suppliers in a way that creates favourable conditions for delivering goods and services safely, at the right time, agreed cost and in accordance with our expectations.

Our Supplier Code of Conduct is our main governing document that sets out requirements and expectations for ethical business conduct. The Code of Conduct applies for all Floricultura suppliers and we expect them to act and operate in accordance with this code.

Download our Supplier Code of Conduct.