• Floricultura expands into Anthuriums

    In cooperation with Van der Voort Youngplants, the Floricultura product range will be expanded with Anthuriums starting in the last week of June.

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  • Day length Phalaenopsis 2016-2

    Surprisingly, day length determines flowering behaviour in Phalaenopsis!

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  • Good, clean water - Digital newsletter, edition 1

    Good, clean water. Of great importance in the cultivation of orchids

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  • Digital Newsletter 2018, edition 2

    Digital newsletter, edition 2 Phalaenopsis From winter to spring! Light It is still February and not only are the days getting lighter, they are also getting longer. On clear days, the daylight sum (the total amount of daylight plants are exposed to) increases on a daily basis. This means that Phalaenopsis seedlings should already be protected by applying chalk. Some growers already started this in Week 6 or 7, but with a dosage that is half the regular dosage at most. In general, one can say that applying chalk as a standard procedure eliminates 50% of the light at minimum.

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