Specialist in propagating material for your orchids and anthuriums.

Mixture of varieties with the greatest yields

No two orchid or anthurium growers worldwide are exactly the same. You want varieties that best suit the requirements of your company and your customers. Varieties that will give you the greatest yields. That’s why we offer you a wide range of young plants.

Broad expertise and unique genetics

Our desire for perfection, broad expertise and unique genetics have enabled us to evolve into a global market leader in young orchid plants. We are currently scaling up with anthuriums, for which we have the same ambition. Breeding and selection, propagation and cultivation advice are all closely linked at our company, guaranteeing optimum quality of our young plants.

Efficient and reliable process

Reliable delivery and quality assurance are of essential importance to us. We have developed an advanced control and management system to enable us to efficiently monitor and plan the entire process from breeding through to delivery. As in all our other processes, we make every effort to continuously realise further improvements in our control and management system, too.