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Floricultura - veredeling,selectie en vermeering van orchideeën


  • 12 June t/m 15 June 2018 FlowerTrials FlowerTrials

    FlowerTrials at Floricultura will take place from the 12th until the 15th of June. It is our pleasure to invite you to come along to view our latest range of varieties!

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New orchids

New orchids

Here you will find a survey of our new orchids. Search our extensive database via our smart filters. Print a clear contact sheet per species in PDF.

Our new orchids

About Floricultura

Orchids are our passion. A desire for perfection and the aim to develop strong, profitable and distinctive varieties for our customers - they are the driving forces behind Floricultura and its staff. Our expertise and unique genetics enable us to offer a broad range of orchid young plants for any climate and any grower.