Opening Floricultura Brazil

On Friday, 22 June 2018 the official opening ceremony of Floricultura Brazil took place. The event was held right after the Hortitec trade fair in Holambra. This is Floricultura’s third location outside of the Netherlands, in addition to Floricultura Pacific in Salinas (USA) and Futura Bioplants in Pune (India).

Approximately 80 invitees attended, including customers from Brazil and Argentina and suppliers from Brazil and the Netherlands who were involved in the project.

‘After having leased greenhouses for many years this expansion will allow us to focus on strengthening our identity, professionalism, quality and flexibility’, says Marco Heijnen, who supervised the project from the Netherlands.


The construction of Floricultura Brazil started two years ago. The branch includes more than 4,000 metres of greenhouse, of which 1,000 are used as workspace and 3,000 to grow plants. The entire area is provided by an ErfGoed cultivation floor, a Logiqs container system and a Priva climate computer. The young plants, which are supplied from the Netherlands, are acclimatised in the greenhouse. They are delivered primarily to Brazilian customers.

The company is established in Brazil’s foremost greenhouse area, located only a two-hour drive from São Paulo. There are around 150 horticulture companies established here, most of them growers of ornamental plants. The opening ceremony was performed by Jacques van der Weijden, who has worked for Floricultura for many years and is known as a pioneer in the field of orchids in Brazil.

The opening ceremony was followed by a tour of the greenhouse, a Brazilian barbecue and drinks.

* Feel free to contact Marco Heijnen for more information atemail or on: + 31 (0)251-203060.