Floricultura is now MPS-ProductProof certified

Last December 2018, Floricultura was conferred an MPS-ProductProof certificate. ‘We have been given recognition for the serious approach we have adopted towards sustainable cultivation for so many years’, says Wart van Zonneveld, responsible for accreditation at Floricultura. ‘MPS-ProductProof is an outstanding and transparent hallmark that clearly demonstrates the absence of prohibited active substances in or on our ornamental plants.’

Customers assurance
ProductProof offers Floricultura's customers assurance. They can be guaranteed that the propagation material they order is free from certain active substances. The hallmark enables Floricultura to prove that the products it supplies were grown in accordance with sustainable cultivation practices, through which the company can also contribute to a strong chain. In addition to ProductProof Floricultura is also MPS A certified, a qualification that serves as a prerequisite for all companies aspiring to obtain MPS-ProductProof certification. In addition to this, Floricultura completed a three-month daily registration procedure. This procedure is repeated on an ongoing basis and serves as the foundation of MPS-ProductProof.

Geothermal heat
This certification is anchored in the far broader sustainability policy that Floricultura has been pursuing for many years. The company acted as a pioneer in the province of Noord-Holland's first successful geothermal heat project as far back as 2013, for example. This project enables Floricultura to save 5 million cubic metres of natural gas per year, while reducing its CO2 emissions by at least 9,000 metric tonnes.