Floricultura expands into Anthuriums

In cooperation with Van der Voort Youngplants, the Floricultura product range will be expanded with Anthuriums starting in the last week of June. A beautiful innovative product range featuring 30 to 40 large-flowering and compact varieties is, in first instance, ready to enter the market. This will be expanded even further in a following phase. The varieties are suitable for various pot sizes and climate conditions.

Ronald van Geest: ‘Taking Floricultura’s vision as a point of departure, we are continually in search of new developments in the market, in which we aim to look far beyond the orchid product group alone. As an established player in the breeding, selection, reproduction and propagation of orchids it goes without saying that we have considerable expertise in how to select a good tropical plant. The Anthurium world is ready for a breath of fresh air; for new varieties and, above all, a different approach to the market. We are convinced of our ability to contribute added value to this. Based on our core values, it is our ambition to enjoy honest and transparent long-term relationships with our customers.

Professional marketing

Floricultura has been engaged in further professionalisation for quite some time. Following the arrival of Ronald van Geest a few years ago and the subsequent introduction of a sales team the time is ripe to concentrate on marketing. The company is currently conducting a customer survey to gain detailed insight into market developments and customer behaviour.

Van Geest: ‘Of course, we enjoy daily contact with our customers, but we are hoping that the results of this survey will give us more in-depth insight. What are the wishes and needs on the market? What can we discover about our identity and image? How can we provide our customers even better support in marketing the products as successfully as possible and increasing their returns? The orchid market is facing some turbulent developments, after all. And this requires a different approach. Our goal is to make the difference for our customers and to help them maximise their profits.’

Marc Eijsackers to become marketing manager

Keeping this in mind, Floricultura will now be focusing on marketing in addition to a continually varying product range. Marc Eijsackers has been appointed marketing manager starting this summer. Eijsackers is passionate about the sector and has identified numerous possibilities and opportunities to embed marketing into the organisation’s DNA and give Floricultura’s customers the very best service possible.